Thursday, July 7, 2016

Krystal Family Prize Pack Giveaway!

You always know summer has arrived, when you start to crave those little Krystal burgers! The kind folks from The Krystal company sent us a family fun pack to enjoy our summer with. It's includes:

  • A drink koozie.
  • 7 different flavors of Tabasco sauce.
  • A metal Tabasco bottle holder.
  • The cutest salt and pepper shakers known to man!
  • Free coupons for their new "Fired Up" menu.

If you guys haven't stopped by Krystal's lately, I highly suggest you do! For a limited time (Until August 7, 2016) they have a new "Fired Up" menu featuring Tabasco's original red sauce. These burgers, Chiks, Chili Fries, and pups offer up hot cheese infused with Tabasco. I would have to say that the burgers infused with Tabasco are AMAZING! Not too spicy and just the right amount of kick. Perfect for a day when you are looking to try something delicious and different.

If you would love to enter for a family prize pack, just enter through the Rafflecopter links below. My Chickaroos had an absolute blast having a Tabasco taste test off. For Emma Kay the Buffalo sauce came in first place and Lilly Rose brought the Habanero sauce in for her first. These sauces are also wonderful to add to your fried chicken recipe (I add to my flour mixture after I have whisked all my dry ingredients together) and BBQ sauce recipe, just to kick things up a notch.

I will also add that the Krystal burger salt and pepper shakers are adorable! They are a great conversation piece and if you have a heart for whimsy, like I do, you will love adding them to your décor. Although, they have made their way to multiple tea parties my girls have had. Their dolls give Krystal burgers a thumbs up too :)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Frugal Daytripping: The Florida Caverns State Park

Good Morning my Stalagmites and Stalactites! I am bringing you another frugal and fun day trip idea for the Summer. 

Florida Caverns State Park is an awesome day trip, if you are looking for something fun, educational, and just plain beautiful. For my Chris August fans, I guarantee that the lyrics of The Maker will pop into your head...."Everything that you have made is beautiful. Oh, my God, I can't believe my eyes." The views of the Caverns are that spectacular.

The Cavern tours do cost extra but worth every bit that you pay for. They have tour guides that walk you through all portions of the Caverns and tell you how they were exactly made, the Geology behind such beautiful creations from our Lord, history of the park, and so much more! I suggest as a frugal souvenir of your day adventure to let your kiddos purchase some rocks from the gift shop to remember trip. My girls loved picking theirs out and then going home to identify what type of rock they purchased.

If you are from Dothan, you can even check out a Rocks and Minerals set from the main branch (well, when I return In this set you will find books, DVD, rocks, and a rock identifying game. It's FREE to check out and would be perfect to accompany this day trip.

Another educational aspect of this trip, was how this park came about. I have been fascinated learning about Civilian Conservation Corps. Around 1933 they were established by President Roosevelt to provide jobs for men during the Great Depression. Pretty interesting reading if you have time and a History Buff, like myself. I was excited to visit a park that had been built by the CCC, their buildings made by rock are pretty amazing.

There's also walking trails for a more scenic look at the park. Lilly Rose found herself a walking stick on the trail.

Another great perk to going to the park for the day is the absolutely GORGEOUS playground and picnic area! We enjoyed ourselves so much. There is something about Florida tree moss that I love. We packed a basket of block cheese, wheat crackers, fruit, juice, and water. Something simple but would make it if our ice melted. We all joined in on swinging on the swings and just enjoying being out in the sun.

If you are interested in making a day trip down to the Caverns here is a list of prices and all the information you will need:

3345 Caverns Road
Marianna, FL 32446
(850) 482-1228

Cave tours are CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week.
Cost to get in the state park: 5.00 Per Vehicle
Cave tour fees: 8.00 for those 13 years and older, 5.00 for those 3-12, and all other ages free.

Twitter: @modestmom

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Frugal Daytripping: Overnight Stay At Arrowhead Campground in Marianna, FL

I thought I would do a series this Summer on fun and frugal day trips, available to those that live in the Wiregrass area.

Recently, our Lilly Rose turned the big 11!! Yep, we are now proud parents to a tween and coming up sixth grader. Every year we give our girls an option of two things:
  1. They can have a party somewhere in town and invite their classmates.
  2. We can take a day or overnight trip somewhere close and enjoy our time as a family.
This year she wanted to go camping but not in a tent. So, I started researching cabins close by and after a recent trip to the Florida State Caverns, we decided Marianna, FL would be a perfect place to start our search.

I soon found a small cabin, right on the edge of Merritt's Mill Pond, in the Arrowhead Campsite.

The view was absolutely just spectacular.

 There's a dock located right in front of Cabin 1, that provides beautiful views of the water and lots of fish. You can fish from the dock but keep in mind you will have to purchase fishing license. Also, if you are looking to catch a larger fish, it's probably best to do so in a boat. The water in this pond is very clear and makes looking at different fish, snells, or even turtles very easy. Actually, our last day there we had our breakfast on the dock and watched a turtle lay an egg right off the pond's edge.

We decided, after we arrived, that we would slip into our swimming suites and explore the park, on our way to the pool.  That's when we ran across the Sons of Duckarchy.

The story behind these guys is this....they were meant for the pond. For some reason they took up under a park resident's RV and that's the place they call home. There was roughly about 20 ducks living under his RV. They were beautiful to look at but they were so loud when you walked by them. They are very friendly and just wanted some bread. The only time we ruffled their feather, so to speak, was when we noticed one had a limp and Barry attempted to check on him, bad Other than that they were very friendly. After realizing they knew the guest game for bread, we tried to avoid them the rest of the stay, so we wouldn't disturb the resident that lived there. I couldn't imagine trying to watch TV or read a book with those guys going at it outside.

Their pool was extremely immaculate! I have never been to such a well maintained pool and this includes Water World. The pool was the highlight of our girls' evening and we even made two trips on our first day there. The water is clear and has spots of cold water coming through, which made us wonder if it may have been spring fed? It was a nice size and went from 3 to 9 ft. There were plenty of loungers out to sun in.

We went back to the cabin to rest a bit before starting to grill and setting up our little birthday party.

I have to say that they inside is a true cabin experience. It's a small one room cabin with a set of bunk beds, full size bed, and half bath (You can shower within the park and they do give you a code for the shower rooms). You do have some modern things needed like a full size fridge, A/C, and microwave. Things that you might go in withdrawals over, say a TV or WIFI, are not provided. Though, we did read they do provide cable if you brought your on TV. For us we made a trip to the library prior to leaving for some wonderful reading material and our Bibles, because nothing beats God's word with a wonderful sunset or sunrise on a fishing dock, where the fish LITERALLY jump out of the water. The girls also brought their drawing supplies and turns out....they found their own fun....bed forts with their sleeping bags.

Later, we fired up the grill. The campsite does provide you a grill and picnic table, so we set out to turn our little table into a luau. Lilly's inspiration were 2 Minion luau cups she found at the Dollar Tree and she decorated around those. All the décor and even the sparklers came from the Dollar Tree.

We grilled hot dogs, had chips, Diet Cherry 7 up, and a requested cookie cake.

I know you are wondering "Doots"? It's been her nickname since she was about a month old. It originally started out as Doodlebug :) I used ready to bake cookies, placed them in a tin from the grocery store for easy baking/then traveling, half way through baking I smoothed out the top, and then finished all up with metal cake tips (I used basic vanilla icing from Betty Crocker with a hint of food coloring). Total cost: $3.50 and compare that to any grocery store at $9.00 per cake, I still have 2 baking tins to show for it!

I hope you enjoy our little Frugal Daytrip about 45 minutes from our home. Look below for all the information on the campsite we stayed at (which I am not sponsored for). I have two more Daytrips coming up in the next week and a giveaway!

If you have any questions you can always reach me at:
Twitter: @modestmom

4820 Highway 90 East, Marianna, FL 32446

We stayed in Cabin 1 at a rate of $55.78 (This was including tax)
They also have bigger cabins, RV lots, tent sites, etc.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Church's Chicken Giveaway!

Raise your hand if you love giveaways and would love not cooking one night in your home? I'm raising mine! Today alone we have a school outreach to a local Senior Center, after school club meeting, my husband has a doctor's appointment, and we still have treat bags to fill for the kiddo's classmates. I can understand being a busy bee and just needing a little supper help on a busy weekday night.

So, are you ready to hear the giveaway? One lucky winner will win a coupon good for one FREE 8 piece mixed from Church's Chicken. This is a place I have loved getting chicken from since my childhood. To me their mashed potatoes and honey biscuits can not be beat, not to mention they still carry the wonderful strawberry soda that most chicken chains have dropped.

I will run the giveaway starting today and it will end tomorrow afternoon. Easy to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, May 18, 2015

Syono Gel Insoles

I received this product in return for my honest review.

Guys, if you have any type of back or leg problems, you are going to love these Syono gel insoles. I have a bulged disc in my lower back that can cause me problems from time to time, which includes making my legs ache. I could really tell a difference in support after placing these in my shoes. 

These are orthotic gel insoles that provide awesome cushioning and help to reduce pain throughout your body. They help absorb the shock your feet receive during everyday motion.  You will immediately see results in your everyday activities from walking, running, and even standing, all will seem less painful. If you are a person that is on a hard surface daily at home or work, these would be perfect for you. 

To learn more about this product or to order click HERE.

Burger Press Relaunch Review

I received this item in return for my honest review.

This burger mold makes the most exceptional and perfect burgers around! I highly recommend this as a gift for any burger lover, someone who loves to grill, those tailgaters, or if you just like to make great burger at home on a Friday night. The special lifter grates the patty so it cook evenly every time. The easy grip makes it super easy to remove the patty. Personally, my favorite pro to the Burger press was that you can decide how thick you would like your burgers.

The product itself is built to last from heavy duty, BPA free, white plastic. It's dishwasher safe and and a breeze to clean. You also will receive an E book, for yummy recipes you can create with your press, and a lifetime guarantee! 

To learn more about this product or to order click HERE.

Vita Sciences Maxasorb Vitamin B12 Cream Review

I received this item in return for my honest review.

Vita Sciences has some really amazing products and I love their line. I'm so glad I was fortunate to review some of their products to find out more about them. The Maxasorb Vitamin B12 cream has to be my top favorite so far. I have anemia issues and the most common side effect of that is fatigue. As a result, after consulting with my Internist, I take B12 twice daily to give my energy level the natural boost it needs. This cream makes it so easy with rubbing just one premeasured pump on my wrists. With just that one pump you are receiving 320 micrograms of B12, 120 micrograms of B3, and 10 micrograms of Folate. 

The cream is more like lotion and very gentle on your skin. It's really great if you have any dry spots. They use only natural ingredients and it's scientifically formulated to deliver your dose of B12. One of my favorite things about using cream Vs. a pill is not taking a pill! It's easy to pop in your bag and go. No need for water and so easy to travel with.

To order or more information on this product click HERE.